Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fun with Arduino

My team practices Scrum, an agile software development methodology. One of its commandments is the daily stand-up meeting: everyday, we meet to exchange our status. We take turns and everyone reports about his current activity. According to Scrum, the meeting shouldn't last more than 10-15 minutes. As the team has grown, sticking to this timebox got difficult. We started timing the turns, to help (or rather force) people to be more concise. First, we used a timer app on a smartphone, and noticed positive results. So we thought we needed a better timer, something similar to a chess clock.

A while ago I attended an Arduino class from FabLab Zurich. The class included an Arduino starter pack with some fun modules from AdaFruit like this 8x8 bicolor LED square pixel matrix, a buzzer and some push buttons. I thought I could use them to build our new timer. Sounded like fun at first, then I found out it really is :)

I first followed this video tutorial to build a custom shield, since I didn't want to solder the parts directly to the Arduino board. Before laying out the components, I tested the circuit on a breadboard:

I then proceeded to solder the parts on the shield; it was a good exercise since I'm not very skilled:

Here's the side view, where you can see the offset of the digital pins header, a design flaw of the Arduino UNO mentioned in the video tutorial or in this forum:

Finally, the front view where you can see the LED matrix, two push buttons and the buzzer:

The software for the countdown timer is hosted on github. It works like this: each participant has 64 seconds for his turn. Each second, a pixel lights up. At 2 thirds of the time, the pixels turn yellow. The last 8 pixels, the LEDs are red, indicating that you should conclude. The way the pixels light up is random for each turn. At the moment, there are 3 variants:
  • a simple row traverser
  • a random pixel filler
  • a spiral
I will try to extend the visualizations some more in the future. And I also hope for some contribution by my team mates :)

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